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The General Assembly

consists of the Head of the School, the Vice President, the Directors of the Departments, the faculty members and the representatives of the students and the members of the Faculty, S.L.T.S. (Special Laboratory Teaching Staff ) and S.T.L.S. (Special Technical Laboratory Staff for teaching services) members of the School


Among other things, Assembly sets the general educational and research policy of the School and its development course in the context of the political quality and strategic planning of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is responsible for the organization and operation of study programs, takes care of issues related to and administrative staff, determines the quality and financial policy of the School.

Professor Nikos Maghioros
Head of the School

Evaggelia Amoiridou
Vice Head

Christos Arampatzis
Dionysios Valais

Ilias Evangelou

Fotios Ioannidis

fr. Vasileios Kalliakmanis
Anna Koltsiou – Nikita
Ioannis Kourempeles
Vasiliki Mitropoulou
Ioannis Mourtzios
Niki Papageorgiou

Panayotis Pachis

Panayotis Skaltsis

Chrysostomos Stamoulis
Stylianos Tsompanidis

Panayotis Yfantis


Moschos Goutzioudis
Aggeliki Ziaka
Christos Tsironis
Glykeria Chatzouli


Timoleon Galanis
Antonia Kyriatzi
Nikolaos Myridis
Eleni Oikonomou
Petros Panagiotopoulos
Maria Rantzou
Athanasios Stogiannidis
Marina Pyrovolaki

S.T.S – T.L.S – S.T.L.S

Aikaterini Stratou