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Quality Policy

AUTh Quality Policy

The Senate of AUTh, after a suggestion of MODIP-AUTh (meeting number 23 / 28-2-2019) in its meeting number 2981 / 7-3-2019 determined the Quality Policy of the Foundation as follows:

Continuous improvement of quality in education and research.
Continuous improvement of the quality of the procedures and services of AUTh.
Continuous improvement of working conditions and quality of life at AUTh.
Transparency at all levels.
Promotion in the society, in the state, but also in the international scientific community of the project that takes place in AUTh.

The quality policy is carried out with:

the commitment to comply with the legal and regulatory framework of the Foundation,
establishing, reviewing, redesigning and redefining the quality assurance objectives, which are fully in line with the Foundation’s strategy.

This policy mainly supports:

the organization of the internal quality assurance system,
the assumption of responsibilities of the leadership of the Foundation, Departments and other functional units, staff members and students, as well as their role in relation to quality assurance,
safeguarding academic principles, ethics, non-discrimination, encouraging the involvement of external bodies in quality assurance,
the continuous improvement of learning and teaching, research and innovation,
quality assurance of study programs and their compliance with the specific standard of ADIP,
the efficient organization of services and the development and maintenance of infrastructure,
the allocation and effective management of the necessary resources for the operation of the Foundation,
the development and rational distribution of human resources.